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SouthWest Barter Club, Trading made easy.
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The Barter Store has a Current Total of
 $232,203,495.09 in Items for Sale.


The Southwest Barter Club & Store

Shirley Schaan, Owner & Founder


Why Barter?

Feels Like FREE & backed by integrity!
It's the smarter way to advertise!
We provide you with an instant local customer base!

Ask us how YOU can become a member!
Call us at 505-715-2889
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"We are not going to let the weak cash economy
take the joy out of our lives!

We have found another way!"

Owner & Founder of The Southwest Barter Club,
Shirley Schaan

Please click HERE to watch a brief video,
with a message from Shirley.

What Can Barter Bucks Buy?

 What can Barter Bucks buy? 



  Dance Lessons

  Vacation Packages

  Music Lessons   Weekend Get-a-Ways
  Cooking Classes   Lodging
  Life Style Counseling     Retreats
  Feng Shui
  Alternative Health:
  Retail:   Reiki Masters
  Women's Clothing   Hypnotherapy
  Gift Items   Sound Therapy
  Baby Items   Aroma Therapy
  Jewelry   Curandera
  Cosmetic     Shaman
  Cleaning Products   Life Coaching
  Health Products   Stress Management

  Home Maintenance:


  Yard Care

  House Cleaning   Social Media
  Electrician   Coupons
  Home Remodeling   Magazine Ads
  Marketing Consultation
  Health & Wellness:
  Eye Care






A Better Way to Barter

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SouthWest Barter Club
522 Romero St NW Suite C Albuquerque, NM 87104
Phone 505-715-2889
Authorizations ONLY 866-334-1265
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